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Friday, May 12, 2023

Those Cheap Old Plastic Cameras

 In my camera collection, there are a few lesser quality cameras that I have found here and there throughout the years.  I guess what attracted people to them in the first place was their "quirky" looks.  Yes, these have designs that are not usually seen in cameras, but you just can't deny that they look interesting in their quirkiness.  Most of these I probably got for a dollar or two, so they weren't worth very much.  And when you use them to take pictures, you find out just why they're not worth much - they don't take very good pictures.

But, nevertheless, these six cameras are part of my collection and I have shot with all six of them.  Marvel at their plastic goodness!  Below each camera is an image taken with that camera:

USC Reflex III

 Ansco Cadet II

Spartus Rocket

Windsor (Diana Clone)

 Imperial Mark XII Flash

 Bell & Howell BF35
At the very least, you have to say the results are "quaint."