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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Word Or Two?

I suppose it's only one word - PhotoShop, but whichever it is.... man, I love it! I found this older digital image of mine, one that wasn't very interesting initially, and went wild with all the different things I could do to it using that venerable Adobe program everybody is so familiar with. What's that you say - you're not familiar with it? Well take a look at the shot below and consider looking up where to get this program. It's sold on many online stores and can probably be found at your local big box computer store. I thoroughly enjoy bringing to life an old image that was fairly crappy to begin with. By using this powerful program, you, too can discover the joys of saving some of your old photos and making them into something much more interesting to look at.


Recently, I had an opportunity to visit Logan's Roadhouse once again. The main reason I like to go back is that their steaks are always tender; they can almost be cut with a fork! When you walk in the place to get seated, the first thing you notice is all the peanut shells all over the floor. They provide each table with a mini-bucket full of peanuts and it's customary to crack them open and throw the empty shells on the floor. Most people love the chance to be messy out in public, hence the fact that every time a server comes near your table, you hear the floor start to crunch as they walk past. Sort of like a radar signal alerting you to their approach. I'll admit that I don't follow the tradition. I feel that I don't throw trash on my floor at home and I'm certainly not going to do it somebody else's place. It doesn't seem sanitary. The young couple across the aisle from me had two kids and they were all eating the peanuts and tossing the shells. I noticed the young mother doing it and every time the waiter came crunching by, gave her a stern look. I think she got my meaning after awhile. I hated to be that way, but it was quite annoying to hear and hard to enjoy my meal with all the noise.

After you've made your order, but before it's served, they bring out their famous sweet rolls for you to munch on. I'll spread mine with a generous dollop of butter and it's hard to stop eating them. But, knowing that my main order is coming soon, I pull myself away.

This time, I tried their house steak, "The Logan." On the menu, they tout it as being their best steak, and I'll have to admit, it was very good.

Cooked to perfection, medium-rare as I requested, it was placed in front of me with the macaroni and cheese still sizzling in it's dish. It's hard to know just where to start when a sight like this greets you, but I grabbed a knife and fork and cut my steak up for a quick mouthful. I had waited quite long enough already for the taste of sirloin. I consider myself a carnivore and love meat and potatoes over desserts. Before long, my meal was finished and it was time to go. I'll have to get back there soon.

If you're ever driving down the road around lunchtime and come upon a restaurant that looks like this, stop in. I don't think you'll be disappointed with whatever you order. I'd suggest a steak, though, over the other items they feature on their menu. Bon appetit!