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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Frost Is On The Pumpkin

Well, it's not really - I just like saying that phrase. Who doesn't like saying it? Even though it hasn't frosted yet, today was a special time of the year for me. Yes, it was my annual pilgrimmage to a place on the edge of the little town I live in to preserve on film a certain tree in all of it's autumn splendor. I've been photographing this same tree since the late 1970's and every year, toward the end of October when the leaves have turned, I trek over there and get another picture. Or actually, it was 50 pictures this time. (Past years photographs can be found in a previous post here.) I always take several different poses and camera settings to make sure I get some usable frames, and this year was no different.
Judging from the way the leaves on it had turned, I could have gone there two days ago or waited until two days hence and it still would have been in it's prime radiance. After 30 years of having many a rendesvous with this tree, you get to where you just know these things. Today's conditions didn't disappoint me, either. In the hour just before high noon, I managed to capture it on the clear, sunny day we had today, with hardly any wind. It turned out quite well enough to add to my album of other shots of this tree. And here, at last, is that tree I visited again today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Update: I went back a few days later and got a couple shots when the sun was lower in the afternoon sky. Here is what those looked like: