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Friday, March 21, 2008

Do It Yourself Ark Kit -or- Chemtrails 101

Have you looked up into the skies lately and seen those trails that jets are leaving behind? They're not normal contrails, despite the fact that others try to say that's all they are. Contrails dissipate after a few seconds, that is a provable fact. These trails stay up there all day! If you've never heard the term Chemtrails, you need to realize that something is being sprayed up there above your head. I don't know who is doing it or the reason behind it, but I do know that someone is messing around with the weather. How else do you explain the fact that ending yesterday, in the span of only a day and a half, we got 11.64 inches of rain here in Southern Illinois? We got a foot of it, the equivalent of 3 months worth of rain in less than 2 days! That is not normal and anyone that has lived here in this area or has a brain in their head will agree with me. When will people wake up and discover the things that are being done all over this world right in front of their very eyes? This country called The United States Of America won't be around for very much longer, if this keeps up. Not like it used to be anyway. When it crashes, you can't say you weren't warned about it. Or will enough people wake up and prevent the loss of our beloved free country? Only time will tell.
To end on a humorous note, I have included this cartoon below. But, don't let it distract you from the truth. Smile! (While you still have the freedom to do so.)

"The woodpecker has got to go!"