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Monday, August 2, 2010

Shawnee National Forest Photo Expedition

Recently, I was part of a group of photographers whose combined efforts would encompass the Earth. There was a project called One Rokkor Around The World which was started on which consisted of one 50mm Minolta Rokkor prime lens which would be used by people all over the globe on their own Minolta film camera bodies and then passed on to the next person in the group. Each user would have two weeks with which to use the lens and document what their area looked like. The project is still ongoing, but you can see some of the pictures that have been posted so far to the group pool here.
Now, my area isn't the most picturesque, but we do have the Shawnee National Forest. It is very beautiful there and not that far from my home, so I considered it to be in my area. While taking pictures for the project, I travelled far and wide in search of scenes which represented my area. Here are some I found while driving all around the Shawnee National Forest area.

A little country church in Hardin County called Pleasant Ridge.

A view from down in the canyon at Bell Smith Springs.

The stone stairway leading up out of the canyon at Bell Smith Springs.

On the observation trail at the Garden of the Gods. A sudden storm developed while I was there.

One of the scenic vistas at the Garden of the Gods.

You can see an eagle flying high overhead above some of the rock formations at the Garden of the Gods.

Another beautiful view of the scenic overlooks found at the Garden of the Gods.

Here is the swimming area found at Pounds Hollow.

And lastly, the beautiful waters found around Pounds Hollow.