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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Plans For The Upcoming Barbecue Season

As strange as it may seem, I'm already making plans for the Summer barbecue season - in the midst of Winter! Doesn't the above image just get your mouth to watering? It does mine!
Well, with that thought in mind, I was looking around on the internet to see if I couldn't find a way to get around having to use gas or buy charcoal briquettes all the time. In my quest, I surfed across this website that told me all I could ever possibly want to know about solar cooking. Be sure to check it out. There were a few things on the site that looked interesting and I'd like to try them someday, but there was one cooker in particular I felt sounded quite innovative. It was a cooker that used the rays of the sun and it looks like it will work. As soon as I can get an inner tube and a pane of glass the right size, I'm going to make myself one and try it out. One of the panels from the instructions is printed below and if you'll click on the picture, you can download the plans to The Tire Cooker. Be sure to let me know what your results are if you happen to build one of your own. I will post updates with pictures when I get mine in operation.
Oh, and if your electricity ever fails or the pipes that send the gas to the oven in your home ever go dry, it might be a good thing if you knew how to cook your food using alternate methods. That and be sure to keep plenty of matches on hand for when the bottom falls out. Don't say I didn't alert you.