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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Turko de Mayo

Once again, I will be celebrating Turko de Mayo.  Last night, I got my turkey out to start thawing:

What is "Turko de Mayo," you ask?  Well, it's a relatively new holiday that dates back to 5 or 6 years ago when I first celebrated it.  In fact, I created the holiday myself!  A little back story on how it began:  Each year, my favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner.  The combination of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and all the usual things that go with a traditional Thanksgiving meal just seem to work really well together.  The only problem is - most people only cook a meal like that once a year.  If it's your favorite, you only get to eat it once a year, in late November.  I liked it so much, I created Turko de Mayo so that I could have that same meal twice a year.  Now, each May, I whip out a meal just like on Thanksgiving and enjoy it with whomever I happen to invite over.  All the leftovers never go to waste, either, because I'll make turkey soup out of what's left and it will all get eaten.  And the beauty of Turko de Mayo is that you can celebrate it on any day in May you want to - whatever suits your schedule the best!

So, Happy Turko de Mayo day!

Here's what I served with that succulent turkey: