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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today's post is about Spam. And no, I'm talking about that wonderful meat, the kind with who know's what's in it and that Monty Python sang about back in the 1970's; I'm referring to the junk e-mail that always clogs up my Outlook Express. I'm sure everybody gets a ton a day and it's a chore just to stay ahead of it. The point I'd like to speak about today, is not just that it's annoying to receive so much, it's that there's a certain kind that really annoys me. They are the kind that look like they came from - me!
Yes, I routinely send myself news about penis enhancers, sales receipts from Amazon, offers to get a Phd., monthly newsletters and invoices and alerts from banks I don't even go near. As if! I don't know how the spammers figured out this little trick, to make spam look like it came from me so that I'll look at it, but it certainly needs to be looked into by somebody that regulates interstate commerce. I mean, this needs to be nipped in the bud! (As our old friend, Barney Fife was always saying). I most certainly do not send myself bills or statements, offers (no matter how enticing they sound!), newsletters, purchase confirmations, eBay alerts, or the one that shows the most chutzpah - an e-mail from me to me and all it says in the subject line is "Hi." Would I bother to send myself a message that just says hello? I don't think so.
So, in closing, I'd like to hope that the spammers get past this little gimmick, and soon, and that this annoying practice ceases and desists.
Oh, and there's one other kind of spam I won't ever fall for, never in a million years. If you want to catch my attention and have even a slim chance of me looking at your message, don't - whatever you do - don't address it as being from [no sender] and containing the subject line [no subject]. I mean, would you look at something that's about nothing from nobody?
I didn't think so.

Keep up the boycott of Wal-Mart, and together we might send them a message. Although, at this point I've forgotten what it might have been, seeing as how other places I shop instead of Wal-Mart keep going out of business. Whatever, it's still a relevant thing to do. We'll show that giant corporation that David can still put a knot in his kneecap. And who knows, maybe they'll get back to selling real merchandise once more, and things that people actually need. Aloha.