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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Rockford Files - Season Two

As I related in my previous Rockford Files post, an important part of the 1970's was watching this show and all the other detective shows of the era. I even almost became a private detective myself - no fooling! I still think I would make a good private eye, if only because I have the skills for long, tedious tasks, which Jim Rockford so eloquently described detective work to be like. Nevertheless, I do have some news to report in this post, and it is Rockford Files related.
If you've been on Jupiter for the last few years, you probably haven't heard of eBay or some of the other online auction sites available. If not, you probably know all about them and how addictive they can be at times. Have you ever thought of some item you wanted, or a toy you had as a child and went to eBay and found exactly what you were looking for? Chances are, if you're anything like me, you have - many times! Well, I have a well-used account with and have purchased several items I didn't really need. The most recent acquisition was one I just sent off the payment for today. A little back story first.
The Rockford Files was on television for 6 seasons, but the last one was truncated because James Garner, who did his own stunts, was just too tired to continue. So, he quit mid-season, after only 11 episodes had been filmed. This was a sudden occurrence, and as such, the studio had no inclination the series was going to end so abruptly. They kept the production end of things going, the writing of further episodes, so that they would have enough ready for when they would be filmed. When Garner quit, they had at least two finished episodes that I know about, and they were ready to go. I just happened to find somebody that had these last two episodes, in shooting script readiness and they were offering them for sale! Of course, I often wondered if there were any kind of unfinished episodes or anything. One rumor I had heard was that one more episode had been filmed, but before post production could be completed, a warehouse burned down and took the footage with it. I don't know if this is true or not, but it did give me cause to think. No television show can continue without available scripts - written, edited, rewrtitten and polished for filming. The recent writer's strike has brought this crucial point to the public's attention in a big way. After a little online research, I found that these two scripts that were being offered on eBay were the real McCoy, so I grabbed them. I can't wait to get them so that they can be read and, using the stored collections of memories I have of the show, bringing them to life in my mind. I'm sure they'll be good. After all, they were ready to be filmed and they were going to be real episodes at the time if things hadn't happened like they did.
The names of these two scripts are Never Trust A Boxx Boy and Some People Are Trouble. After I have had them awhile, I'll try to relate my impressions of them in my next Rockford Files post. And now, for something really special for all you fans of the show out there - here is the second collection of The Rockford Files telephone answering machine messages, from Season Two. Be sure to get them and add them to the ones from Season One that I posted in an earlier blog. I recently purchased the newly-released Season Five set, so expect to see the answering machine messages from it and Seasons Three and Four as well. Stay tuned!