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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Authentic Cuisine

The day before my 48th birthday, I felt in sort of celebratory mood. My brother, who had just flown in from a year in South Korea; and his wife, who had stayed at my house that entire year; all went to the city for some dining and shopping. His wife and I had been to the city a couple times during that year and had noticed a nice-looking Greek restaurant that we wanted to try out. And we had already stopped at a certain Mexican restaurant on our last visit, so we knew it was good. We planned on arriving around lunch time, filling the entire afternoon with shopping, then eating dinner before we left for home. This would allow us to have Greek for lunch and Mexican for dinner.
We arrived at the Greek restaurant, called Acropolis, at the end of the lunch rush. We had a short wait of about five minutes before we were seated, so we didn't mind. Once seated and after having placed our order, we planned on dining at a leisurely pace so as to kill even more time. Several courses came and went and I have to say that I enjoyed them all.
I chose Gyros tortellini in a white garlic sauce as my main dish, plus I had a Gyros sandwich on the side. The sandwich was as good as I had eaten anywhere else, but the tortellini was a new taste sensation. It was one I'll have to revisit soon, let me tell you!

Above is the front facade of the Acropolis, which featured "Authentic Greek Cuisine." After finishing there, the three us proceeded to shop till we dropped.

After we had gotten everything we needed from at least a dozen stores or so, we headed further down the main road to where the Mexican restaurant was located. It was called "Acapulco," and featured "Authentic Mexican Cuisine."

That was the third time I had eaten there and it was as good as the last two visits.

Having grown up near the border of Mexico in Southern Arizona as a child, I have been accustomed to Mexican cuisine most of my life. One thing I miss not living there anymore is when you go in just about any restaurant out there, as soon as you've been seated, they bring tortilla chips and salsa. The Acapulco restaurant did as well, and it was a miniature flashback to my childhood - I can practically eat my weight in those things! And the hotter the salsa is, the better to my liking.
For my main course here I chose the numero once dinner platter. That's number 11 to all you Yanks. It featured a beef burrito, a taco and an enchilada. I was still kind of full from lunch, so I forgot to order the usual frijoles refritos (refried beans), topped with grated mild cheddar cheese.
All in all, it was a veritable world cuisine day that satisfied our palates to a "T." If you're ever in Evansville, Indiana, I highly recommend you stop at either of these establishments and taste their fare. They are both located on Green River Road and are easy to find.
Dining at both these places made a good start for my birthday the next day. I had to work the night of my birthday, but being as I'm a deejay in a club, it's almost like playing and they pay me for it! I have plenty of pictures to post of the night and you'll be able to see that everybody, including myself, had "nothin' but a good time!" As soon as I get my brother and sister-in-law on their way back home to Utah on Monday, I'll post my birthday pictures. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Station Wagon On The Block

This is just a short post to show off a new Hot Wheels Station Wagon model that came out. It's a '70 Chevelle SS Wagon and is pictured below (it is on a used station wagon lot in the front):