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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ten Commandments Time Of Year

One thing that always puts a demarcation point squarely at the end of Winter and heralds a new beginning with the arrival of Spring is the annual showing of The Ten Commandments on ABC-TV. With the world changing literally every day, I'm thankful that they still show this classic film every year without fail for all of it's fan. And I would have to consider myself as one of the most staunchest of fans for this movie. Regular readers of this blog will note how I've always listed The Ten Commandments as my favorite film. That hasn't changed over the years. One thing that has changed, however, especially since last year's showing, was the death of the beloved leading actor in the movie, Charlton Heston. He will be sorely missed for his abilities and the characters he brought to life and will be fondly remembered for all the great films he made. And to think that one of his most memorable roles happened toward the beginning of his career instead of later on. Well, I won't go on and on with things I've probably said before. I'll just remind you not to miss the annual showing and to enjoy the film like I always do. It's an event around my house. I'll plan out a special meal and have it ready for the movie's start. Below is a screen capture from my new DVD version of the film just to get you started. You really should pick up the DVD for your own collection - it's a must have!

One more image before I go. Below is some of the gorgeous location photography that Cecil B. DeMille created especially for the movie. It is what I consider to be an iconic scene and one I remember well from having watched it so many times throughout the years. I've even edited it for use as the wallpaper on my computer monitor. It's up right now! So, pop some popcorn, kick back and put your feet up and get ready to watch the greatest motion picture ever made. You know I'll be watching it!