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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seventh Annual Ten Commandments Post

     I hope everyone had a great Easter today and was able to enjoy the holiday with family and friends!  For this Easter, I showed it to my girlfriend, Carla, and her daughter, Kassidee, for their first time viewing it and introduced them to the joys of "The Ten Commandments."  As you know, it's a movie I've watched at this time of year practically forever (since the 1970's), and I wanted to bring them into this tradition as they are my new family.
     After a year where I watched it alone after losing both of my parents, this viewing was wonderfully satisfying as we had our traditional ham for Easter dinner and sat down to watch the 50th Anniversary Edition I had purchased a few years back on DVD.  It never fails to enthrall me as I watch Moses freeing the children of Israel who had been in bondage for 400 years.  The movie itself has everything, so if you haven't watched it before or haven't seen it in awhile, you might think about viewing it with your family and make an event out of it.
So, that's all for now and enjoy the movie!