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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Turko de Mayo

How do holidays get started; does anybody really know? Well, tonight I celebrated Turko de Mayo by cooking a big turkey dinner and having some friends over. It was like Thanksgiving dinner, but on a smaller scale and in May instead of November. Maybe I ought to get with the Turkey Council on this. I'm sure they'd be all for a second holiday for which to have a reason to eat turkey.
Anyway, I made mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, green beens, stuffing and cooked this succulent-looking 13-pound bird you see below:

Below you can see the plate I fixed with the mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy toward the back, (my favorite after the turkey itself!), and some other traditional Thanksgiving foodstuffs. I thought about baking a pumpkin pie, but a thunderstorm came up and my oven is electric, and so I didn't. But, that didn't matter to me. I never have room for any pie after eating all this stuff anyway! Thanksgiving dinner has always been my most favorite meal and now with the advent of Turko de Mayo, (which you can bet I'll be celebrating again next year!), I'll have two days to enjoy my favorite meal of the year! Ole!

The Turko de Mayo name is a trademark created by me, so you can bet you heard it here first!