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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sometimes, I Just Get Ideas....

Sometimes, I'm just sitting there looking at some of the figurines that populate my house and something comes over me. I can't explain it other than that I look at a particular figure and get an idea for a setting to take a picture of it in. Don't ask where these ideas come from, because I'm not sure myself. But, I have to run with them. These pictures, then, are just a couple of those moments when I just had to visualize in picture what popped into my brain for no apparent reason.

Two Fisher Price Kermit The Frogs, sitting on a Mars Rover on the lunar surface of Earth's moon.

As the morning suns slowly began to rise over the surface of Ceramic III, the two clay crash survivors studied the hot, arrid landscape of their new home with mounting trepidation.

"You do know we're only going on vacation, Dogfight?"

A Kodak moment.

Gumbi Hendrix Plays Monterey Pop Festival.  Of course, this was when he was burning his Stratocastor.