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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting To Know Me

I figured it was about time to show you what I look like. Nobody really thought I resembled a giant Lobster, I hope. So, while showing off my photogenic mug (hardly!) I'll also describe a few of the other things that have taken up so much of my time through the years.
Flash back to the 1980's, that's when most of these images were taken. It was a time of prosperity, I guess - after all - it was the Reagan Years! The only problem with that decade was that the Trickle Down Economy never made it down all the way to my level. So, although I am right at home on the bridge of this yacht, it was not mine. (How I wish it was, though!):
But, things weren't really so bad that I had to go and live off the land like the next picture shows. That's an old buddy of mine, named David, and we were the epitome of the Great White Hunter:

Did I just hang out on street corners like a bum? I most certainly did not! But, I did think I looked pretty good in a leather jacket:

My sojourns into the woods actually brought me a little closer to nature. So much so that the little creatures became my friends. Here I tried to capture a swarm of bees that had landed in my yard, with the hopes of transferring them to a makeshift hive and collect honey:

And, it wasn't all work and no play. That would make Jack a very dull boy. I did manage to slip away to the seaside now and again for vacation. That's me, the one with the blonde hair, and a couple friends of mine, named Dave and Bob, and we're on the sunny sands of Jacksonville Beach, Florida:

No, I did not become a Paper Lion and escape to Detroit and join a football squad. But, check out those shoulder muscles! They're really the styrofoam corner protectors that came inside a television box:
I'll just let this last picture speak for itself. It pretty much sums up the 1980's for me. A friend of mine named Kent is the other figure in the picture:

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