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Friday, May 29, 2009

New Show Alert - Fourth And Long

I had seen some previews for a new television show that was premiering on May 18th, 2009 and thought it looked interesting. Being a football fan my entire life, the fact that it was about football made it even more appealing. It stars the Dallas Cowboy's great wide receiver Michael Irvin and the theme of the show is about 12 athletes competing to see who will be good enough to win and go on to win a spot on the Dallas Cowboys real roster. It started it's 10-episode run on May 18th, on Spike TV, and I've read that it will end with enough time for the winner to be able to report to training camp this year.
Quite frankly, I didn't expect it to be the best television show I'd ever watched, but since it was about football, it should at least be able to hold my interest. Well, last night I watched the first two episodes, (which I had to miss when they were broadcast, but I taped them), and I have to say this - I was blown away by the show! What can I say but that it keeps my interest, it shows me behind the scenes of just how much work it takes to be able to play the sport and it is inspiring to boot! Michael Irvin and his two co-stars, former Cowboy player Bill Bates and former Cowboy coach Joe Avezzano come across as being totally sincere in what they are trying to do with the 12 players and special appearances by former Cowboy greats help reinforce different lessons they're trying to teach the 12 men.
At the beginning of each episode, Michael tells them what that day's training will consist of and why it's so important. During the course of the episode, a former Cowboy will reinforce this with his personal spin on why it matters. What everything boils down to seems to be that if you want something bad enough, you will find it in yourself to attain your goals. That's a good lesson for life in general as well! The only drawback I can see with the show so far is that it's only going to last for 10 episodes. It's such an eye opening behind the scenes look and downright pleasure to watch, I would have hoped that it could last even longer; especially after seeing the first two episodes. But, irrespective of whether or not the winner actually attains a spot on the Cowboy's roster this year, I think that each and every one of the 12 will learn a little bit more about themselves and how to go about getting the things they want out of life with a more focused drive and determination.
Who knew that Michael Irvin and the rough sport of football had so much potential to inspire!? Count me as an even bigger fan now!

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HaarFager said...

Just an update, but I heard the winner of this reality series, Jesse Holley, didn't make the Dallas Cowboys lineup for the 2009 season. Instead, he is on their practice squad, and not available to play for any team this year.