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Friday, April 18, 2008

Charlton Heston, Part Two

By way of my own special tribute the legendary actor Charlton Heston, I have become one of the characters he portrayed. I guess that needs to be explained a little better.
My sister recently bought a game system called the Wii. If you haven't heard about it, it's the one that has special controllers where, when you swing them, it mimics your actual movements for such games as tennis, golf or bowling. Needless to say, the favorite game at her house seems to be bowling. Whenever I visit her lately, we always seem to end up having heated bowling tournaments. If your front room has started to look like this recently, then you know what I'm talking about:

Yes, the above picture was the "Holiday Bowling Classic," held on this past Easter Sunday. Below you can see what the game looks like as you're playing it:

Well, to finish the story, everyone up at my sister's house has created their own avatar to use when they play. She kept asking me if I wanted to create my own, but I always just used one of the generic characters provided. When Charlton Heston passed away a few weeks ago, it inspired me to finally create my own character. But, where most everybody else tried to recreate, in digital form, an image of themselves more or less; I had to be me and create a true character. One that wasn't myself. My immediate thoughts went to that classic character, one which I had played before on Hallowe'en, Moses - as portrayed by Charlton Heston. While at her house, I pulled up a quick picture of Heston, as Moses, (courtesy of an earlier blog of mine), and used it to recreate as best I could, the face of Heston's Moses for my avatar in Wii bowling. The results I managed to achieve are pictured below:

And, wouldn't you know it? When my Moses character begin playing his first matches, he beat every contender! It also didn't hurt that I had a slew of ready-made phrases for him to use to describe each shot - such as "the parting of the red pins," "Moses found favor in the eyes of the Lord (to play a good game)," "Who is on the Lord's side?", "I shall smite thee in the name of the Lord," "Let my pins go," etc. You get the idea. I think I made a good choice in making this character my avatar. And, not only that, I get to honor the man I always liked as an actor - Charlton Heston. Let me know if you have any similar experiences with the Wii Entertainment Center.
Oh, and if you're inspired to purchase your own Wii game system, please try to find a place to buy it other than at Wal-Mart. You know why.

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