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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Repeal The No Smoking Law

My thoughts are this: We need to repeal the new Illinois no smoking law right now.
You may remember from a previous blog where I mentioned Illinois has passed a new law that makes it illegal to smoke in any restaurant, workplace or bar, and it became effective on January 1st, 2008. As I was driving home today, I heard a commercial on the radio that talked about this new law and how it was going to make healthier enviornments for every employee and customer. It seems to me that the state of Illinois shouldn't have to still be "selling" this law, as they already got it passed. The ad is probably only being broadcast to try and stem the backlash that they're undoubtedly going to get from it.
I want to reiterate now and for the record that the state of Illinois is not concerned in the least about our health. That is just a bunch of hocus-pocus to mask their true intentions. (Which we all know is chiefly that the federal government gives every state money to enforce certain laws they want passed, and the states, by accepting this money, end up not having to enact more taxes for their constituents, thereby keeping them pretty content.) Because of this new Illinois law, which was ostensibly enacted to protect my health, I now have a cold developing today. I caught it last night because I was at the Moose Lodge where I play every Wednesday night and it's due to the fact that everybody who smokes kept running in and out to obey this idiotic new law, the place was like an icehouse and I caught a cold.

Does that sound like they're worried about our health?

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