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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hawaiian Heat

Download the opening of the show here: Opening.avi.
Download the opening theme of the show here: Theme.mp3.

Does anybody remember the tv show that was on ABC back in 1984 called Hawaiian Heat? Probably not, since it was only on for 11 episodes before it got cancelled. Well, I loved that show and saw all 11 episodes. (I still have the last two on videotape.) It was all about two Chicago cops that got tired of the wind, snow and cold weather and transferred out to the Islands, where they were on the police force there. They were played by Jeff McCracken and Robert Ginty. Both of them shared a beach house with 5 beautiful women, who all led fascinating lives and had fascinating careers, (wouldn't you just know it!). One of the roommates which had a bigger part on the show was played by Tracy Scoggins. Their superior at the police headquarters was portrayed by Mako and would always be gruff with them. "Mac," played by Ginty, drove a 1965 Cadillac convertible and the two actors played well off of each other. On the whole, I've always liked shows that were set in Hawaii - Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I., The Byrds Of Paradise, Hawaii, etc., and this one was no exception. If only the executives at ABC would have given it a little more time. You'll remember that that was also the year Miami Vice came out and was a smash hit after awhile. So, police/detective shows set in sunny climes was a popular background in which to set a series right then. I would mention that ABC has cancelled another show I like, which I felt was before it had been given enough time, called Cavemen, but that's a topic for another time.
If anyone remembers this show, feel free to post a comment about it. And if anybody happened to tape the movie-length pilot episode or any of the rest of the hour-long episodes, other than the last two, Maybe we can get together for a swap of some kind. I sure would like to see that show again from the beginning because it will probably never be released on DVD.

Here is an advertisement picture for the show that ran in TV Guide. It's just the artwork, without the blurb for the current week's episode plastered all over it:

Episode list:

Episode 1: Pilot
Air Date: September 14th, 1984
Download link:  Pilot Episode
Episode 2: Ice Cream Man
Air Date: September 21st, 1984
Episode 3: Wave Of Controversy
Air Date: September 28th, 1984
Episode 4: Inherited Trait
Air Date: October 12th, 1984
Episode 5: A Different Kind Of Justice
Air Date: October 19th, 1984
Episode 6: Missing In Hawaii
Air Date: October 26th, 1984
Episode 7: Yankees vs The Cubs
Air Date: November 2nd, 1984
Episode 8: Ancient Fires
Air Date: November 9th, 1984
Episode 9: Old Dues
Air Date: November 16th, 1984
Episode 10: Andy's Mom
Air Date: November 23rd, 1984
Download link:  Andy's Mom
Episode 11: Picture Imperfect
Air Date: December 21st, 1984
Download linkPicture Imperfect

Alternate link to download or watch these episodes online:
Wave Of Controversy
Inherited Trait
Yankees vs The Cubs
Andy's Mom
Picture Imperfect
Hawaiian Heat Episodes on the Internet

February 19th, 2008 update:
I have been contacted about this series and by working out a trade, I can now add the original pilot to my collection - the movie-length episode that began the series! Keep these episodes coming and maybe all us dedicated viewers can assemble a complete set. If so, I hope to be able to have them all on one set of DVD's, so stay tuned!

Here is how the Hawaiian Heat DVD Project stands at present:
1. Pilot (Acquired)
2. Ice Cream Man (Still looking for)
3. Wave Of Controversy (Acquired)
4. Inherited Trait (Acquired)
5. A Different Kind Of Justice (Acquired)
6. Missing In Hawaii (Acquired)
7. Yankees vs The Cubs (Acquired)
8. Ancient Fires (Acquired)
9. Old Dues (Acquired)
10. Andy's Mom (Acquired)
11. Picture Imperfect (Acquired)

I'll keep updating this as things change, so stay tuned!
January 27th, 2009 update:

I will have information soon about acquiring episode #2 Ice Cream Man, so stay tuned. (This just in - I have located episode #5 A Different Kind Of Justice, and will have an update soon!) For now, the cover art I created for this set looks like this and if you would like to see a more detailed look, download the cover for Volume 6 here. Here is the cover art:
Here's the cover for the pilot episode:

January 29th, 2009 update:
I have just created an entry for this series on Wikipedia. The Hawaiian Heat page can be found here.

March 17th, 2009 update:
I have been contacted by one of the stars of this show, Robert Ginty, and he has generously agreed to donate the four episodes that he has in his personal collection for this project! So, keep faith, there's still hope for a complete set yet!

January 17th, 2010 update:
Of the four episodes donated by Robert Ginty, namely Inherited Trait, A Different Kind Of Justice, Missing In Hawaii and Old Dues, none of them have the closing credits on the tapes provided. So, if anybody has complete copies of these four episodes, I would like to upgrade them. If I don't come up with any better versions, I'll try to come up with the closing credits and create some kind of sequence to include them on the DVD copies I make, just so they're as complete as possible. One person was looking for one of the needed episodes in his collection, but he hasn't found it yet. That episode was Ice Cream Man. If he does find that episode, that means only three episodes are still needed to complete the set! These three episodes are Wave Of Controversy, Yankees vs The Cubs and Ancient Fires. So, if anybody has copies of any or all of these missing shows, please contact me. It's getting very close to being completed and I know there are still a lot of fans out there who would like to see this show again! So, keep the faith!
Robert Ginty sent me the episodes he had and I'm certain he knew he was dying when he did so and this was his way of giving his blessings to the Hawaiian Heat DVD Project. Let's help keep the memory of this great actor alive by completing the set and making it available for all his fans.

 April 14th, 2014 update:
I have updated the list above of the episodes I now have for the collection.  As you can see, all that's missing are the two episodes Ancient Fires and Ice Cream Man.  I had a line on Ice Cream Man, but apparently it didn't work out.  So, if anybody knows the whereabouts of copies of these two episodes, please let me know by leaving a comment or e-mailing me at

June 5th, 2017 update:
Looking through the tapes that Robert Ginty sent me a little bit closer, I have now found out he sent me 8 episodes instead of the 4 he mentioned.  That means I now have the pilot and all the episodes except the first one, namely Ice Cream Man.  The episode entitled Wave Of Controversy was acquired from a fan and contact in Texas.

March 27th, 2018 update:
I have added download links to the episodes I have had digitized, and they include the Pilot, Andy's Mom and Picture Imperfect.  I figured that I needed to start getting these episodes out there somehow.

June 8th, 2018 update:
My internet service provider has dumped me off on to another company, so I've had to get a new e-mail address.  Please use this new one for any correspondence.  It is:

June 15th, 2018 update:
David Scott, from Brisbane, Australia recently wrote me to inform me of some potentially good news for all us fans of Hawaiian Heat.   He had contacted Sony Entertainment and this was what he had to say.  He kindly gave me permission to repost it here:

"I have a DVD set here amongst my collection of DVDs.  Blue Thunder also was an ABC program in the early 1980’s and only lasted 11 episodes.   I looked at the DVD packaging and it was released on DVD by Sony Pictures.   I placed a call to their Customer Service line to ask about Hawaiian Heat; and if that could be produced for DVD release.    They have confirmed they have had other phone calls, requesting Hawaiian Heat for DVD, and will pass this onto Senior Management.  I guess it don’t hurt to ask does it?  I also showed them your project page, to give them further proof; of how popular the show is amongst fans."

August 15th, 2019 update:  Just to clarify, I have copies of all the episodes but one, namely, Ice Cream Man.  I have updated the title screen picture at the top of this blog and the Wikipedia article with a clearer version.  And be sure to check out the download links above and the Internet page I created for this series.  At the Internet Archive, you can download the episodes, in different formats, or just watch the episodes from your online browser.  The link can be found here:  Hawaiian Heat Episodes  I am also about to send the tapes I do have off to get digitized, so there should be more episodes soon!

August 16th, 2019 update:  I have added a couple more episodes to the page I created for Hawaiian Heat on the Internet  These three new episodes are Wave Of Controversy, Inherited Trait and Yankees vs The Cubs.  From the above link you can now download or watch the Pilot and five different episodes.

An actual promotional photograph used by ABC Television for the show:


J. Keen Holland said...

I don't recall Hawaiian Heat but, being about ten years older than you, I was a young fan of Hawaiian Eye (1959-63). This was the era of the great westerns, but there were lots of PI shows, too. Peter Gunn, shot at Universal, and 77 Sunset Strip (58-64) from Warner Brothers both started in 1958 and Warner Brothers added Hawaiian Eye and Bourbon Street Beat (59-60) the nest year and later Surfside 6 (60-62).
Also enjoyed your bit of family history. Through my maternal grandfather, I can claim descent from 12 century barons of Alsace; so, I guess you outrank me.
BTW, thanks for visiting my photoblog.

the24 said...

I remember this show, I loved it as a kid. It got cancelled and replaced by "Street Hawk" which I was also a fan of. That only lasted a season and was replaced by "MacGyver", another suitable action-adventure show. Here's a promo spot for Hawaiian Heat:

ghostridertn said...

I was an extra on the pilot shoot, I worked for Island Talent at the time and they supplied extras to this and Magnum P.I.
I have never seen the actual episode but hope to get the DVD's if they ever release this series.


Film Geek Schu said...

I'd be very interested in procuring as many episodes as possible myself. Let me know what would be involved once you get things squared away.

Very insightful blog. Thanks.

HaarFager said...

I've been getting a lot of buzz about this particular blog - all good, of course! Keep it up and I would like to repeat one thing. If anybody has any episodes of this series, please contact me. I feel confident that with everyone's help, we can compile a complete series. I now have the pilot movie and last two episodes on DVD. The collection is building, but I need your help in completing it. Please contact me if you have episodes, in any format - i.e. videotape, DVD, etc. Thanks, everybody!

Anonymous said...

My father E. O'Brien(rest in peace) played one of the guys fathers in the pilot movie. He had a bit part in the moive- he was a polish deli owner and the boys stop it to see him. I have been searching for a copy of the movie for years -PLEASE let me know if you get one- I would love a copy to show my son (who was born after my Dad passed on) email - -thank Ken

Anonymous said...

I believe some of the pilot was filmed in our bakery - senkowski home bakery

Anonymous said...

I lived at the Beach in Hawaii at the time Hawaiian Heat was being produced. If anyone is a "real fan" I have listed for sale a candid photo of filming of one episode on eBay at:

Anonymous said...

I never missed an episode of this show. I'd definitely be interested in a collection of the episodes; unfortunately, I don't have any of them to contribute. It would be great to see this show again.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah Hawaiian Heat!
Hawaiian Heat is the greatest TV series of all time.
A paradisiac country, two amazing policemen and a very pretty helicopter pilot, that's all we want on our project!

Christophe Juillet

Andy Dupree said...

Hello, My name is Andy Dupree. I worked on Hawaiian Heat for the entire season. I was primarily a stand-in, extra, and Robert Ginty's assistant. I also acted in the episode "A Different Kind of Justice". Shelly Winters, when filming a 'Heat' episode, gave me a standing ovation after she saw 'Justice'. I have a copy of the 'Justice' episode and may have others. I also have some pictures of the filming season.

After my studies at USC's film school, I chose a career as a real estate developer in Southern California. I probably know some of the 'Poster's' on this site and hope they email me as well.

Thanks for enjoying Hawaiian Heat. Please feel free to email me at

Magnum Decorator said...

Aloha! The kitchen cupboards from their set have been in my kitchen for the past 20 years! They were being thrown out after the set had been torn down and were being stored outside under tarps at the film studio at Diamond Head. I was the Set Decorator on "Magnum, P.I." and "Hawaiian Heat" shared our Art Department office for awhile.
I worked as the set decorator with Tracy the summer before last on "Dante's Cove" where she was the head witch (or whatever). I mentioned "Hawaiian Heat" to her and she said she'd had a great time on it.
I was selling my Magnum stuff on ebay and had so many emails that I started a blog called I'm afraid I don't have much memory about Hawaiian Heat other than touring their sets once out in a warehouse. I sure like my kitchen cabinets, though!

Magnum Decorator said...

Hey Andy Dupree, I think we worked on this show? Your email doesn't seem to work. You can always write me via my blog about Magnum. Thanks, Rick

Andy Dupree said...

Hi Rick: Yes, you have a neat website; and, yes, I remember you on Magnum. I used to fill-in for Jeff or John as a stand-in. Also, I was an actor, extra, etc. Try this email: Would like to hear from you. I am posting on the magnum-mania site as well.

Anonymous said...

You might remember posting a blog entry late in 2007 about episodes of the TV show "Hawaiian Heat" that you had acquired (and others you were still looking for).
I don't have any episodes of this show myself except the pilot, which you already have as well. But I wondered if you might be willing to copy the other episodes you've found--of course, I'd be happy to pay you for these.
Like you, I was a fan of the show, and I doubt that it will ever turn up on DVD at this point. I've never found any other source of this material; otherwise I wouldn't presume to ask.
Please let me know if this wouldn't be too much trouble for you.


Anonymous said...

How nice of you to contact me. At one time I had a copy of all the shows on VHS. I think they are part of my archive papers at The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Library in New York. I'd have to go into my own files in California, ( I live in Ireland) and see what I find. I'm sure I have the Pilot. If I have anything else I'd be glad to help you out, not too sure about the quality. You might try the show's Producer, James Parriott out in Los Angeles, the Writer's Guild will give you his agent info, etc. Let me know how it goes, and If anybody does have any of it on DVD I'd love copies.

all best,
Robert Ginty

HaarFager said...

As I mentioned in my update above, Robert Ginty has agreed to donate copies of the four episodes he has in his private collection. They are:
Episode 4 - Inherited Trait
Episode 5 - A Different Kind Of Justice
Episode 6 - Missing In Hawaii
Episode 9 - Old Dues

Again, if anyone has any episodes, even if they're ones that I have already acquired, I would be interested in getting copies of them. It might be that your copy is better than the one I have - I'm trying to make the set as good as can be by upgrading when possible.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when a DVD is available. My name is Chris Lacy and I had a speaking role on "Hawaiian Heat" as a bartender. I believe that the name of the episode was "Victims" or a "Different Kind of Justice"

Anonymous said...

Hello !!

I'm as well looking for the pilot (DVD ; VHS...) I used to watch the show as a kid and I'm looking forward to see it again. Please post. Any help will be grateful...

Aloha from France !!!

Anonymous said...

No shows to contribute but I hope a set is put together, I'd be interested in buying it.

And, sadly, RIP Robert Ginty. Far, far too young to pass on ... condolences to his family, friends & fans.

HaarFager said...

Sadly, Robert Ginty has passed away, dying from cancer on September 21st, 2009. Having had correspondence with him, I found him to be a warm, friendly person, not like the Hollywood phonies you often read about. He was very helpful to this Hawaiian Heat project, and in fact, contributed some episodes and photographs toward the project. Personally, I want to extend my deepest condolences to his family at his passing. He was a truly nice person and he will be missed.

Donno said...

~ I loved this show when it was being aired and was as disappointed when it was canceled. I used to have a few episodes on VHS, but don't know what became of them over the years. I have checked with various websites about the availability of it on DVD. My continued search and eventually the Wikipedia page led me here. I would cherish a DVD set of this show. If there is ANY way I can help in the compilation of these episodes, believe me I will. Any episodes, material, or info I come across will be forwarded. I wish you the very best in this endeavour. I'll keep checking here for updates. ~

Anonymous said...

I happily found your web page regarding Hawaiian Heat today. Being a fan of the show, I thought I would try to see what was out there, and was happy to see there are other fans of this forgotten little show.

I used to travel to Hawaii during the 80’s and I loved singing their theme song out loud when driving in my rental car to the hotel. I never thought I would hear it again except in my memory, so I am very pleased to find it again! I hope you can accomplish your DVD project – I would buy it for sure.


David S said...

Aloha! I did a small part in one of the episodes and would like very much to see it. I'm sorry to say I don't remember the episode title. I played a transvestite being dragged through the station by Branscombe Richmond. In addition to having the information to complete my acting resume, I'd like very much to actually see the shows.



Mary said...

Part of the pilot was filmed at our bakery/restaurant in the Logan Square area of Chicago. They even used our last name, Senkowski, for the character, Andy. I have the pilot on VHS and have tried to have it copied to DVD however, no one will duplicate it. Does anyone have it on DVD?

Anonymous said...

MY name is Chris Lacy Ihave been trying to locate a copy of an Hawaiian Heat episode, A Different kind of Justice. I played the bartender. Please if anyone can send me a copy, i am pretty sick and would like my kids to have it.My address is 15103 Craggy Cliff St. Tampa FL 33625 Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing more reports from it before. What you said was news to me, I′ll tell you.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a copy of the Pilot, too. Mary, you can take the VHS of the Pilot to a local video copy business in your home town that could put it on a DVD - the cost should be around $10.00, if they charge more don't do it. I have a home Panasonic VHS/DVD combination unit that will make copies of VHS tapes onto DVD's. I tried to contact the Producer James Parriott, but he never responded. I think there is little chance that Hawaiian Heat will ever be released on a DVD set. If anyone has copies of episodes, especially the Pilot - I would love copies. I really enjoyed the show, and the characters. Aloha.

Robert said...

I have several of the episodes on VHS. It will be a while before I can get to my lists, but I may be able to provide some of the missing episodes or credits for the ones you are missing. I will bookmark this page and you may contact me at



HaarFager said...

Thanks for sharing that with us, Branscombe! May you and your wife enjoy another happy 28 years together!

HaarFager said...

Here's a handy episode guide you won't find anywhere else:

1. Pilot.
Chicago cops Mac Riley and Andy Senkowski try to outdistance personal problems, icy winters and dwindling hopes for promotion by seeking "resurrection" in Hawaii. In the opener, the pair are tabbed by Honolulu PD to pose as drug buyers to nail a heroin ring.

2. Ice Cream Men.
The haoles go undercover - Andy as a volleyball star, Mac as a sports photographer - to investigate the murder of a pro volleyball player.

3. Wave Of Controversy.
Mac and Andy draw press attention from the islands to Illinois when they make a murder case against a flamboyant media mogul.

4. Inherited Trait.
During a murder investigation tied to a private island's casino, Mac poses as a high roller and encounters an old nemesis - his gambling obsession.

5. A Different Kind Of Justice.
Mac and Andy are out to nail a suspected murderer freed after the shooting death of a witness in his case. But the man's freedom is short-lived when he's gunned down as well.

6. MIH -- Missing In Hawaii.
While investigating sales of stolen Army weapons, Mac and Andy turn up the dog tags of Andy's brother, who was reportedly killed in Vietnam.

7. Yankees vs. The Cubs.
It's the Windy City vs. the Big Apple when Chicago natives Mac and Andy clash with their NYPD partners on a dangerous drug case.

8. Ancient Fires.
Harker's niece, a traditional island dancer, is missing and there's reason to believe that someone's planning to sacrifice her to appease an angry volcano goddess.

9. Old Dues.
Mac and Andy get unsolicited help from a "vacationing" Chicago cop, a friend of Mac's family, who's obsessed with their murder investigation.

10. Andy's Mom.
Andy's mom shows up in Hawaii, newly separated from Andy's father back in Chicago.

11. Picture Imperfect.
An actress who's being "stalked" seeks refuge in a Hawaiian vacation.

HaarFager said...

One of the commenters has informed me that he has some episodes as well and from what it looks like, in his episodes are three that I had not found up until now. Those three are: "Wave of Controversy," "Yankees vs. The Cubs" and "Ice Cream Men." That means there is only one episode I haven't located yet. It is: "Ancient Fires." If anybody has this episode, please contact me! We've almost completed the whole set!

Steve Jablonski said...

This series never made it to British television, which was surprising as pretty much every other American series of that era did. However, the pilot film WAS released in Britain by CIC Video (together with Streethawk/Miami Vice/Knight Rider pilots) and I had this film for a time in the late 80's.

I loved the pilot but was sad I couldn't see any other episodes, especially as I was a big Robert Ginty fan at the time.

I would definitely like to get the DVDs if and when they are released.

HaarFager said...

Steve, just bookmark this article and I'll keep updating it. I copy comments like yours to a file so I know who's interested in a set when they're completed. It might interest you and other fans to know that I've located 3 more episodes, which brings the total to all but 1 episode to acquire. If and when I find a copy of "Ancient Fires" I'll have all episodes.

BarrySerp said...

Please if anybody has the whole 11 episode run of this show on dvd let me know , i would gladly pay for it .thanks

Anonymous said...

I would love to get copies of all episodes, too. You are only missing one episode now? That is great. Please add me to your list to get the DVD copies when you finalize this project. You may contact me at Mahalo.

Yun M said...

This might be impossible but I had been trying to track this show down forever! The sad thing was I never remembered the name but by chance someone had uploaded the TV promo on YouTube and with a name, I went looking. I know this post was a few years but is there any chance at all to get this series?

Yun M said...

This might be impossible but I only just found out the name to this series I used to love back then. Is there still any chance at all to get the episodes?

HaarFager said...

Just a quick update: I have all but two episodes of the series now. The two I've still not found are "Ice Cream Men" and "Ancient Fires." If anybody has these two episodes, please contact me.

Bob Millar said...

Could you please add me to your list? My email address is I think it's great that someone is taking the time to put together a DVD of this wonderful show!

HaarFager said...

Bob, I've got your e-mail here in the comments now, so I'll remember that you're interested. It's slow going trying to get hold of the last two episodes, but keep checking back for any possible updates.

Marilyn Dorant said...


How nice to find this site, and such interesting posts over the years.

I remember seeing and enjoying the pilot here in the UK and ///every once in a while, particularly when I feel nostalgic, would look to see if a DVD had been released.

I guess it's the thought of never having seen the entire series that keeps me looking and I'm glad to have found this site.

I, too, would dearly love a DVD set, even a VSH set!


Donno said...

~ Donno says ~ I'm still holding on to hope that this series will be completely acquired, compiled and produced into a DVD set. Haarfager, you're doing a great job in this endeavor. I certainly want a copy of it as well. I wish that James D. Parriot would get behind this project too. All the best in what you're doing! Aloha! ~

Psychokinetic said...

Wow - thought I was the only one that remembered this show. I started watching it mainly for Robert Ginty, waybackwhen. As so many shows I loved seemed to do in the 80's, I blinked and it was gone. If there's ever a DVD set put together,count me in! I'm impressed with how long a process it's been, trying to get these episodes together. Great work, and all the best for success!

Anonymous said...

Interesting project! I'm amazed that you haven't given up after all those years you've been at it. Impressive. Keep it up, make Robert Ginty proud ;-)

I used to watch this on French TV when I was a kid. Always liked this (and "Hollywood beat", anyone remember that one?) better than "Miami Vice", ha! Never seen it in English, though.

In any case, I'm definitely interested.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been looking for a specific episode, Cubs vs. the Yankees, for a while now. My acting coach had a guest appearance on the episode. Please add me to your list of DVD copies. I'd be willing to pay for the whole series. My email is Thank you!

Tara Smyth said...

I would also be interested in the show if you put it out on DVD. Especially the episode with Brianne Leary. My email address is:

Anonymous said...

Are we getting any closer to having the show put out on DVD?

Have all the episodes been found?

If not, could the episodes that have been found put out on DVD?

BarrySerp said...


I have been trying to get this show on dvd for ages if anybody has the pilot and 11 episodes i am sure we can work something out . The reason its not on DVD yet is because is only lasted 1 season . Please respond to me at

Thank you

BarrySerp said...


I have been trying to find dvd's for the pilot and all 11 episodes . if anybody knows or has these please email me at I am sure we can work something out . I saw this show when i was a kid and am pissed that its not on dvd yet . I wrote a letter to ABC about it as well


HaarFager said...

Just a short message to let everybody know the project is still alive. Looks like I have acquired all the episodes but one, in various qualities - but still good enough to watch. I have updated the blog with the current information.

HaarFager said...

June 8th, 2018 update:
My internet service provider has dumped me off on to another company, so I've had to get a new e-mail address. Please use this new one for any correspondence. It is: