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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yabba Dabba Do Watch This Show

Well, a new show premiered on ABC-TV tonight, October 2nd, 2007. And, let me tell you, I was highly anticipating it! If you've ever seen a commercial on TV lately, you're probably familiar with the ads featuring cavemen, run by the Geico car insurance company. I find those ads very intelligent and witty. Well, whoever comes up with new television ideas picked a lulu when they decided to bring these characters to life with their own show. The show is named Cavemen and the premise is that somehow Cro Magnon man has survived and lives in the modern world alongside Homo sapiens. They're not as stupid as the historians led us to believe, and in fact, the modern version is quite cosmopolitan. They go to clubs, work in malls and even play squash! How more integrated into society can you be than that?

The first episode, which was entitled "Woman Embarrassed By Caveman," introduced the main characters: The lead caveman, Nick, his best friend Joel and Nick's brother Andy, who all share an upscale apartment. In the opening, Nick is afraid to tell his roommates about his new girlfriend because she's a Homo Sapiens and he knows that Joel says they should date within their own species and would not approve. Andy is trying to get over his ex-girlfriend Susan, so he doesn't really care who his brother dates. We see that Nick works in a Swedish furniture store and that the roommates all belong to a health club where they play squash together alot with a caveman friend of theirs.

All in all, I found this comedy, which didn't have a laugh-track, to be intelligent and funny. No lowbrow humor here, even though the main characters have lowbrows! I don't know how the general public will feel about this show, and whether or not it will last very long, but I plan to enjoy it and watch it as long as it's on the air. I only hope that all the bad press it's been getting doesn't prevent people from even giving it a chance and have it cancelled before it had an opportunity to be viewed. I'm even recording the episodes to my computer so that I can burn them to dvd and preserve them. We'll just have to see what the ratings turn out to be like - whether they start strong and fall off, start low and stay there or build gradually as the weeks go by and it turns into a hit. I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

HaarFager said...

Television critics are such idiots.

Cavemen put on hiatus by ABC.

Only 6 episodes were broadcast.

I figured this would happen.

Television critics are such idiots.